What Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

To know which is the best time to get pregnant, and have to get to know better your body, your cycle and learn to recognize the signs.

The woman is the one who can best know what is the best time to get pregnant. For this, it is essential to be attentive to your body and identify when is the fertile period.
The cycles vary from woman to woman but always start on the first day of menstruation and ends at the beginning of the next. Some women have cycles of 22 days, the other 26, 28, 32, or more days, other never have the time.


It is not always easy to identify the fertile period, however, if your cycles are regular is quite simple, in the case of irregular cycles, you need to have more attention to your body or use ovulation tests, which you can find in any pharmacy or in the forums of mothers online.

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The fertile period corresponds to the six days of your cycle in which it is possible to happen a pregnancy, or is, the days leading up to ovulation, day of ovulation and the following. In the case of regular cycles, ovulation (when the egg is released from the ovaries) happens more or less to the 14th day of the cycle. Once released, the egg can be fertilized during the next 24 hours and the sperm can survive between 3 to 5 days in the uterus.

But when the cycles are irregular? How do you know which is the best time to get pregnant? In these cases, it is necessary to be attentive to your body and, if all is well and pay attention, you will know how to identify your most fertile days.
In this phase, is produced in the cervical mucus that is released prior to the ovuação. The cervical mucus is transparent and has a texture similar to egg white or glue silicone. When the mucus appears, it is a sign that you are in fertile period and the way is free to become pregnant.
To help you better control your cycles, we recommend the aplicaçãoes Clue and My Cycles both allow you to record all the symptoms that you note throughout your cycle, as well as pinpoint your basal temperature or even mood swings. Are great tools to help you discover your body and identify when is the best time to get pregnant.


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The women grow up hearing that just once to get pregnant, however, things might not be so well. According to a recent study, if you want to have three children without having to go through the processes of conception medically assisted, you must do so up to 23 years, for a success rate of 90%. If you wait for the 35, the rate drops to 50%.

In the case of designs with the use of fertility treatments, to 35 want to have your first child, the success rate is 90%, however, if you wait until the age of 42 years, the rate drops to 50%. The same study says that a woman who only wants a son, the age limit to get pregnant and be able to without the use of treatments is at the age of 32.
And, did you know that, according to other studies, the probability of a man to conceive a child decreases every year 11%?


Even if they’re in studies, it is worthwhile to reflect on these numbers. Today, it is natural that motherhood and parenthood are postponed, both for financial issues and psychological. However, before you make the decision to postpone the birth of their first child, confirm that this is, in fact, possible.
Still in their twenties, see a gynecologist to check if everything is fine with their sexual organs and reproductive, confirm your reservation the eggs and check if you ovulate regularly. The same goes for men, it is essential that you consult a andrologista to assess the quality of their sperm.

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