The 5 Best Positions to Get Pregnant

What are the best positions to get pregnant? Five tips to not only be able to get pregnant how to get more pleasure.

As to positions to get pregnant, according to the experts, there is no scientific data that ensure that there are some better than others.
Including, there are those who argue that more than the sexual positions or the amount of times you have sex, it is important that the man keep some abstinence for there is a greater concentration of sperm, and, of course, that the relationships occur in the fertile period of the woman.
In spite of this, some gynecologists recommend that a woman keep at rest, with legs raised for about 10 to 15 minutes after sexual intercourse, during the fertile period, as well as suggest certain positions that are most indicated if you want to get pregnant. Truth or lie, what is certain is that trying does not cost and it always varies and enlivens your sex life.



Is the most basic, you can not bring anything new to his life, however, it is also one of the positions that the more pleasure you can give, helps women to achieve orgasm, and is still one of the best positions to get pregnant.

The 5 Best Positions to Get Pregnant 1

In this position, the vagina is tilted towards the cervix, which helps the sperm to follow the path to the ovum. Put a cushion baixao of the hips to give extra help.


The woman, lying on her back, raises the lumbar spine and the hip in towards the pelvis of the partner.

The man kneels and penetrates the deep but the job is all of the woman: moving the hip back and to the front. With the deeper penetration facilitates the travel of sperm and, with the woman in the command, it is easier to achieve orgasm.

3. DOG

With the woman of four, the penetration is deeper, so the sperm arrive faster to the cervix.

If you slightly lower your torso to the tilt of the vagina gives a little extra help! Women who have the G-spot easily excitable succeed in this position, entire satisfaction.


The 5 Best Positions to Get Pregnant 3


The woman is lying on her back with her legs pulled for himself, and the man kneeling in front of you.

After, the woman stretches her legs toward the ceiling, like a pine tree that grows toward the sky, and embraces the basin of the man so that it could penetrate deeply. If the man to raise ligeriamente the hip of the woman, so that her tail is supported on his thighs, the better!


This is one of the preferred positions of men and to understand why.

The man and the woman lie side, the woman shrinks the legs and he pernetra-behind. Depending on the slope of a woman, the penetration may be more or less deep. Allows you to exchange caresses, there is more intimacy and is a relaxed position for both.
Finally, it is easy to understand that, any position that implies an elevation or inclination of the vagina is more suited to being able to get pregnant. There are numerous variations of the above positions that we recommend that you try it, so, get a Kama Sutra illustrated, and have fun with your half.

The 5 Best Positions to Get Pregnant 2