It Is Possible to Become Pregnant With Your Period?

It is common to think that it is not possible to become pregnant with your period, however, the process may not be so simple.

It is assumed that it is not possible to get pregnant during the menstrual period, but even that is unlikely to become pregnant while menstruating, the truth is that it is possible.
Surprised? Good, menstruation happens at the end of the ovulatory cycle, as a result of an egg not fertilized by a espermatozoide and, at each cycle, a woman releases an egg, more or less, on the 14th day of the cycle but… and if it is not always so?

It Is Possible to Become Pregnant With Your Period 1


As we have already said, in a normal situation, on the 14th day of the cycle is released an egg. Prior to this, the hormones in a woman’s body begin to prepare the uterus, causing cause the thickening of the lining of the uterus, if the egg is fertilized, to receive the embryo. If you do not happen fertilization, the wall of the uterus dispose of about 14 days after and it happens to menstruation.

The menstrual period can last between two to eight days and takes place every 26 to 34 days. Ovulation is usually in the middle of the cycle and this is the most fertile period of the cycle of a woman, that is, when it is most likely to get pregnant. However, it is important to clarify that the egg is released you only have 24 hours of life, that is, if it is not fertilized by espermatozoide during this period does not survive, and will come together with the menstrual period, about 14 days later.
Now, if the cycle of a woman lasts between 28 to 32 days and the period between 2 to 8 days, it will not be possible to get pregnant during the menstrual period.

It Is Possible to Become Pregnant With Your Period 2


In fact, not all women have cycles of 28 to 32 days. In situations less common, a woman who has a very short cycle, for example, of the 24 days, you can menstruate for 7 days, and if, by chance, you have sex on the last day of the menstrual period and ovulation to occur three days after… may have a surprise!
How? It is important not to forget that, in optimum conditions, sperm can survive inside the uterus between three and five days. Therefore, it is unlikely but still possible to get pregnant during the period.
In addition, some women may have between one menses and another, some loss of blood, called spotting. This can happen during ovulation, and are often confused with the menstrual period, making it difficult to determine at what stage of the cycle are.


To begin with, is very attentive to your cycle, for this, we recommend that you use an application such as the Clue or My Cycles. If you register all the symptoms that you feel during each cycle will better understand your body. This way you will more easily be able to get pregnant or avoid a pregnancy.

If you had unprotected sex at some stage of your cycle and feel cramps, loss of blood, breast tenderness or mood swings, take a pregnancy test. The first symptoms may arise soon in the first two weeks.

It Is Possible to Become Pregnant With Your Period 3