How to Get Pregnant Without Complications

How to get pregnant a simple and natural way is the issue that many couples face. If you are not able to read this article.

How to get pregnant the natural way?
The question is easier to answer than it might seem.
Although about 15-20% of the population of reproductive age suffer from some form of infertility, in many cases, what may be happening is that the egg and the sperm go desencontrados.
If you are looking to know how to get pregnant without difficulty, take note of these tips.



We talk to the couple.

A man and a woman should consult the doctor (general practitioner, gynecologist or andrologista) to know that exams should do before you get pregnant, that supplements one can take, that power should follow and what are the tips for become pregnant without complications. This step is essential and should be done together so that both of you have awareness of what is needed.

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To learn how to get pregnant without complications, must, first, understand your menstrual cycle to determine which is your fertile period and the day of ovulation.

Normally, the date of the ovulation happens at day 14 of the cycle, and the window fertile are to six days, in which are included the day of ovulation, the four days that precede it and the next.
There are several ways to understand your cycle:
Keep a calendar: the best way to use it is by using an app on your smartphone. Already several times we suggest the Clue , and My Cycles, available for iOS and Android, that allow you to track your period, mood, cramps, basal temperature, cervical mucus, among other symptoms throughout the month, that help to determine the fertile period and the date of the ovulation.
Control the cervical mucus: if you are attentive to your cervical mucus, can realize, with ease, when you are in your fertile period. If the mucus has a look like egg white or watery, it means that you are fertile. However, if the mucus you have look cloudy or sticky, I mean that already is not in the fertile period.

  • Abdominal pain: if, around the 14th day feel abdominal pain or a slight stain, it is a sign that you may be ovulating. The pain is caused by the caused by the distension of the follicle when he expels the egg, it is similar to menstrual pain, but more short, acute, and usually one of the sides.


Review your (man and woman) power is another basic step, and essential. Start by increasing the number of daily meals, including: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and supper. But there are more every day, you need to:
At least, a vegetable dark green and orange/red.
Eat about two cups and a half of vegetables and two cups of fruit

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  • Replace cereals refined for whole grains
  • Drink 2 cups of semi-skimmed milk or semi-skimmed or yoghurt, and cheese
  • Avoid red meat, replace them with lean meat, beans, soybeans, lentils or tofu
  • Eat fish at least two times per week
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water
  • Do exercise daily (at a minimum, a walk of one hour per day)


On a first level we talk about tobacco, alcohol and food processed (fast food, biscuits, French fries, sausages, soft drinks, delicatessen products, pastries and the like).
In the second level we talk about other things toxic in your life, such as: things that are mean, negative people, too much work, ongoing concerns, a drawer full of stuff, a huge pile of clothes to treat, or invoices to archive among many others.


If the relaxation were sold in capsules at the pharmacy, we would all be happier, not being, it is crucial to adopt measures that will help overcome the daily stress and the anxiety that the decision to become pregnant entails.
Here we also have a suggestion that can help you, free of prejudices, open your mind and try a session of Reiki to clear your body of negative things and free the path for the energy flow.

How to Get Pregnant Without Complications 3
Finally, a word of advice: if you have followed all the above steps and still cannot get pregnant, although it is agreed that only the end of 12/24 months of attempts can be taken to assess your fertility by the National Health Service, to consult your doctor to confirm if all is well with your reproductive organs.