How to Get Pregnant Twins

If you dream of a multiple pregnancy, learn how to get pregnant of twins and what your chances to achieve it the natural way.

In most pregnancies, develops only one embryo, but sometimes, nature works its magic and leaves a multiple pregnancy.

But how to get pregnant with twins? In spite of the many home remedies that you can find for this internet out, is not something that you can control. A multiple pregnancy can happen in two ways: the woman released two eggs in one cycle or the same egg split in two.



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If the woman has twins in the family, you have more chance of getting pregnant the natural way, however, if the genetic inheritance is male, the chances are smaller. However, the strength of genetics is related only with the cases of twins are dizygotic, that is, egg different, just non-identical.

In these cases there is the inheritance of the woman releasing two eggs in the same cycle that can be fertilized by two sperm and produce two embryos are distinct. Thus, a woman who has twins non-identical in the family, either side, maternal or paternal, you can have more chances of having a multiple pregnancy.

In the case of monozygotic twins, or identical, as far as we know, the genetic heritage does not have any influence. In these cases, it is a single egg that splits in two and results in two embryos with identical.


If it is necessary to resort to medically assisted procreation, such as artificial insemination, intrauterine, in vitro fertilisation or in vitro fertilisation with microinjecção intracytoplasmic there is a great possibility of becoming pregnant twins. This is due to the fact that the woman, in these cases, you need to take induce ovulation.


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While doctors prefer that, on account of the risks, a woman has a normal pregnancy, there is always the possibility of becoming pregnant twins once to increase the chances of success, can deploy more than one embryo in the uterus of the woman or increasing the dose of hormones to produce more follicles and hence more eggs and more chances for the sperm fecundarem.

If you prefer, you can ask your doctor to adjust the medication to this result.


Multiple pregnancies can also occur when the mother is still very much new or of or above the age of 35 years, a time that, with the passing of time, the body tends to produce more hormones that determine the production of eggs.

Women of black race are more likely to have pregnancy multiple, this can happen because of the variation in the concentration of the hormone follicle stimulating (FSH) – in fact, Nigeria is the country where there is a greater occurrence.

Finally, for you who are looking to learn how to get pregnant with twins, a warning: never take induce ovulation without medical recommendation!

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