Helpful Advice to Help You Get Pregnant Quickly

There is a magic formula to become pregnant, however, by following a few tips and care, you can achieve the desired positive, in a short time.

Not always the couple knows the care that must have when you want to raise a family and, sometimes, there are simple things that should be taken into consideration for being able to get pregnant. by that.

If you are thinking about that, let’s address some tips to help get pregnant in a healthy way and, preferably, accelerated. The anxiety or stress can make it difficult to process, so start by relaxing and experience this period in a positive way.



It is essential to the woman to get to know your cycle so as to, easily, be able to identify the days that are more fertile and, with a partner, having sexual relations, favoring the fertilization.

The ideal would be that, since the first menstruation, the women did a detailed record of your cycles, so as to identify the window fertile, that is, the days on which the body is prepared to conceive, which is a short period of time (about six days), the middle of the cycle.

Helpful Advice to Help You Get Pregnant Quickly 1

In regular cycles, the ovulation occurs, more or less, by the 14th day, in the case of irregular cycles is a little more complicated.

To realize when you are near ovulation, there are only two things to do: be attentive to your body or to make tests of ovulation (sold in pharmacy).

In any case, it is important to be mindful of the cervical mucus (a substance similar to egg white) that is released a few days before ovulation and, from there, the path is free for dating.


Even before you begin attempts to get pregnant you should consult your gynecologist/obstetrician or general practitioner, so that it transmit all the special care that must take into account at this stage.

For example, three months before trying to get pregnant should start taking folic acid to prevent serious diseases and birth defects and, consequently, abortions and unwanted.

In addition to this, you should do a check-up general and to perform some analyses and examinations to ascertain their health, especially the reproductive.


When you are trying to become pregnant, more than ever, care must be taken with food, and avoid eating processed (for example, fast food).

Your doctor will know indicate you the diet most suitable, according to your medical history, however, the trick is simple, that is, must daily make six or seven meals ( 3 in 3 hours) small to moderate amount, and should be varied.

You should invest in food enriched with folic acid, which are the plants dark green in colour, because they contribute to the correct formation of the baby, avoiding problems such as poor closure of the neural tube.

Do not forget to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, ideally you should drink 1.5 liters of water or herbal teas or teas with no caffeine, stay hydrated, avoid the famous fluid retention and urinary infections.

Helpful Advice to Help You Get Pregnant Quickly 2

Special attention must be paid to the reduction or elimination of substances such as: tobacco, alcohol and drugs, sausages, soft drinks, pastries, processed products, seafood, meat last evil, raw fish, fruit and vegetables badly washed away, among others.


This council is one of the most easy to put into practice and the more pleasurable, so relax and try to get pleasure during the act.

Should increase the frequency with which it has relations with its mate, being that, experts recommend that, during the month, have intercourse three times per week, every week. So, even if you do not know which date is the ovulation, have more odds of getting it right.

If you know the date of your ovulation, you should start sexual relations 3 days prior to that date and have relationships day yes, day not, during this period.


One of the best tips to help get pregnant is in the regular practice of sport, whether by the woman as by the man, because:

  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Increases the production and quality of sperm;
  • Decreases anxiety and stress;
  • Improves hormonal control.


It is not certain that the sexual positions have any effect on a pregnancy, however, when it comes to trying to get pregnant, all the help is welcome. So, our advice is simple: try various positions and have fun!

According to the suggestions of experts, positions that allow an elevation of the vagina and deep penetration are the best for helping the sperm to reach the goal.

Helpful Advice to Help You Get Pregnant Quickly 3

The same experts argue that after ejaculation inside the vagina, the woman should remain supine (with the belly facing up), without clear, with a cushion underneath the hip and elevating the legs for 15 to 30 minutes, to promote fertilization.


Can’t always get pregnant easily and that a pregnancy after 35 or 40 years of age can happen naturally and without difficulty, the truth is that, for women, from the age of 35, the likelihood of getting pregnant decreases dramatically.

But age also affects the male partner, as the quality of the sperm may reduce with age, especially, when there are problems with the sperm quality or ejaculation.