Fertility Test: Evaluate the Fertility of Man and Woman

There are tests and fertility test to assess the ability of reproduction of the couple. In this article, we explain how they work.

Nowadays, with the technological progress and the advancement of science, it is possible to perform fertility tests to find out if a couple is, or is not, able to reproduce.

There is an extended number of problems and causes associated with infertility, so it is essential to understand if the fertility is there, effectively, and, if the results are negative, look for treatments and solutions to the problem.

In this article, we inform you what are the fertility tests that can be done in man and in woman.



Infertility in man can be assessed, in the first place, through a simple clinical exam, the doctor will examine the size of the testicles, the anatomical wholeness, whether or not there is some inflammatory process, and varicocele, that corresponds to dilation of the veins present within the scrotum.

Analyzed these parameters, can the doctor have collected sufficient data that lead them to diagnose the fertility or infertility of the man.


Fertility Test Evaluate the Fertility of Man and Woman 1

It is also possible that a man has any notion of his fertility even before, as a couple, to be attempted pregnancy. This assessment can be done through a test called semen analysis.

This is the initial examination and to evaluate male fertility, although not the only, nor to be definitive. Can be performed in a clinical laboratory.

The test consists in evaluating the quantity and quality of the sperm cells of an individual. For a correct evaluation and effective, must be conducted at least two espermogramas.

Sometimes, the examination may submit the changed values, influenced by factors such as anxiety, the physical exhaustion, stress, among others. The repetition of the examination gives greater security to the result.

Prior to conducting the examination, the individual must abstain from having sexual relations for at least two days and a maximum of seven days. In the background, in this examination, they are evaluated the volume, concentration, motility and morphology of sperm.


The evaluation of ultra-sonography scholarship testicular evaluates the volume of the testes, the presence of changes such as hydrocele or nodules and cysts. It is, still, evaluated the varicocele.


This fertility test, are evaluated for possible chromosomal abnormalities, related to the infertility, the micromodelação of the Y chromosome and the possible existence of a fibrous, cystic, which is a hereditary disease that affects the entire body and to the formation of cysts inside the pancreas.

Fertility Test Evaluate the Fertility of Man and Woman 2


It assesses the possibility of the existence of sperm in the testicles when the man is azooespérmico, that is, does not have sperm in the substances released during ejaculation.


Diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis and HIV can cause infertility in man. Therefore, it is important to assess the presence of some of these diseases, to understand whether there is, or not, the risk of infertility.


As in the case of men, also women can be made a cursory assessment, to get an idea of the reproductive function of your body.

The problems of infertility in woman can be divided, essentially, on four factors:

  • Factor anatomical;
  • Factor ovulatory or hormonal factor;
  • Factor endometriosis;
  • Factor immune.

The fertility tests done the women are divided, so that each one of these factors is found.


This exam is conducted by the gynecologist general. Here, they are assessed a number of factors, such as the possible existence of obesity, signs of androgenismo, changes in the anatomy of the uterus or of the vagina.

Fertility Test Evaluate the Fertility of Man and Woman 3

Through this examination, the gynecologist may be able to draw some conclusions regarding the fertility of the woman.


This test assesses, in general, the anatomy of the uterus, if there are, or not, polycystic ovaries, which are, in the background, the ovaries develop multiple cysts, if there is presence of polyps and fibroids and circulation in the uterus.

It is, still, evaluated the process the ovulatory.


It is evaluated the internal anatomy of the uterus, the presence of polyps, fibroids and conditions of the endometrium, the tissue lining the uterus internally.


This is an ultrasound of the vagina, which introduces the liquid into the interior of the uterus, provided the visualization of anatomical changes of the reproductive organs.

Each type of fertility test allows to evaluate different factors. Before resorting to any of these techniques, it is important that you consult a medical expert that advises you to choose what is the best method for you.