Cup Menstrual: Advantages and Disadvantages

The cup menstrual is a form of protection used during menstruation. It is an alternative that is reusable and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

Although less well known than the protections menstrual traditional, the cup menstrual can be an alternative to experience.
Comfortable, economical, and possible to use in any situation, it is a suggestion for those who do not feel comfortable with that has come the use.
It may seem complicated and of little practical use to the top, but after trying half a dozen times is going to see that there was nothing to fear.
Understand how should it be used, as well as to take care in choosing the most suitable one for you, and is still the pair of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with them to decide what you want to do.


Discreet and undetectable, the cup menstrual is a protection for the time of menstruation that differentiates itself from the others by being economic, environmentally friendly, and reusable in a period that can go up to ten years.

Made of a silicone surgical and very soft, it is totally hypoallergenic, ensuring that will not cause infections, diaper rash on the skin or any irritations.

Adapting perfectly to the female anatomy should be chosen according to the characteristics of each one so that it is the most comfortable and effective as possible.


The way to use the cup menstrual is similar to the placement of a female condom.

  1. First of all, whenever it is first used, and in the first days of menstruation, you will have to be sterilized with boiling water.
  2. For the insert, you should be in a sitting position so that it is more simple.
  3. After that you should bend is to fasten, leaving the opening to the top and by inserting after in the vagina.
  4. As soon as the drop, the glass will open naturally forming a vacuum which, in conjunction with the muscles of the vagina, holds you captive is able to retain the flow.

Cup Menstrual Advantages and Disadvantages 1

Sitting, for that is more comfortable, you should bend it slightly the cup menstrual of a way that between a little air, and dispose the vacuum formed.

If not, you can pull it up wherever possible, and then make pressure to the bend.

After that you should then remove the contents and wash the cup and dry in the end.


This protection menstrual has. Untas variants related to the size and malleability. For you to feel comfortable and for the use of the cup menstrual run perfectly, there are some factors that must be taken into account at the time of making the choice:


The shorter and lower the lap of the woman, the shorter will be also the cup menstrual.

How can do to know the length of your cervix? It is simple to do. After washing your hands well and ana intimate, you should insert the finger in the vaginal canal until you reach a structure rounded: the cervix of the uterus.

If the cervix is low, you will achieve quickly. But if it is too high, it is normal to not be able to reach it the that the be able to the same with only the tip of the finger.

This assessment should be done during the menstrual period because in some women the position of the cervix changes slightly at this point.


This feature is what will make you decide the capacity of the cup: how much more intense is the flow, the more clearly should be the collector.

To know this, just pay attention to the amount of times that you need to replace the glass. If there is such a need every two or three hours, then the flow is heavy.

If it is between three and four, so it will be a normal flow. But if it is less frequent than that, so it is a flow that is weak and requires a smaller glass.

Cup Menstrual Advantages and Disadvantages 2

In addition to these two main aspects, there are other details that will influence the choice of the cup menstrual.

The strength of the pelvic muscles, the practice of physical exercise, if you already had children, and even the sensitivity of the bladder are some of the characteristics that determine the decision.


If you have any questions regarding this method, here we explain some of the advantages that is in the cup menstrual:

  • It is hypoallergenic it is this means that, by not using chemicals or additives, does not cause allergies, diaper rash or irritations;
  • It is comfortable because it is designed to adapt completely to the vagina;
  • Retains the natural lubrication of the vagina, which does not happen for example with the plug;
  • Does not interfere with the natural production of the menstrual flow;
  • Minor release of unpleasant odors;
  • It is more economic in the long term because it can last up to 10 years;
  • Can be used and any height, including swimming, going to the beach and even during sleep;
  • Does not dry out nor breathes;
  • Can be used up to 12 hours;
  • Friend of the environment because, by being reusable, it generates less waste.


But not everything are good things and there are some benefits related to the cup menstrual that you should know before making a decision:

Cup Menstrual Advantages and Disadvantages 3

  • It is not easy to find as some methods like the tampons or the sanitary pads, but you can buy in online stores or pharmacies;
  • Must be sterilized before and after use;
  • Must be removed if you are going to have sexual intercourse;
  • Although with practice it’s something simple, initially the insertion of the cup menstrual may not be very easy;
  • Can be uncomfortable in public toilets, or shared by the need to remove the flow accumulated;
  • If placed incorrectly can lead to menstrual cramps is a leak;
  • Those who are not used to it, you may feel some pain or discomfort (similar to the initial use of the buffers);
  • Cannot be used by everybody: teenagers, menstruating for the first time, women, virgins, women in the period after childbirth and women with poor training vaginal should avoid the use.