4 Exams to Do Before Getting Pregnant

When you are planning a pregnancy, there are tests to do before getting pregnant.
Know what is very important, because it helps plan a healthy pregnancy because, in this way, the odds of the baby being born healthy and the pregnancy to be more quiet increase.
The tests should be made at least three months before they will begin attempts to get pregnant. So, if there is any disease may be treated previously.
Both the woman and the man need to have these with care, as the results may have influence on the healthy development of the future baby.


In the query prior to the pregnancy, the physician, taking into account the history of the parents-to-be, you may prescribe only those tests most common.
However, in case there is a family history of malformations, genetic, difficulty in becoming pregnant or even a level of close kinship between the couple, the list of tests to do before getting pregnant will be longer and with more specific exams.

4 Exams to Do Before Getting Pregnant 1
In any case, the woman should start soon by the daily intake of folic acidto prevent malformations in the neural tube in the baby.
This takes even before becoming pregnant, it is advised for the formation of the neural tube begins early in the course of conception, often before women realize that it is already pregnant.



The pap test is not done during pregnancy, it is only passed six months after the birth of a baby is that if you back out.

Thus, it is important that, before you get pregnant, do pap smears to make sure that everything is normal.
Another exam which can also be request is to the bacterium chlamydia, since it often does not present symptoms but can be harmful to the health of the baby.


In the examination of the blood, the doctor will be able to check if the mother is as anemia and also is immune to diseases such as hepatitis B, rubella, toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus.

4 Exams to Do Before Getting Pregnant 2

Will also be made diagnostic tests to diseases such as AIDS and syphilis.
With this type of analysis, the doctor may do a follow-up care of the pregnancy and ensure proper development of the baby.
Even in the examinations of the blood is checked the blood type of each element of the couple to check whether they are compatible or if you need some type of treatment prior.


The urinary infections can be often related with miscarriages, low weight babies or even premature babies, so it is of extreme importance to eliminate any possibilities of infections before getting pregnant.


Check the blood pressure of the expectant mother and, of course, knowing your history will help the doctor to decrease the risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia may create problems in several organs of the pregnant and even in the placenta, preventing the natural growth of the baby.

4 Exams to Do Before Getting Pregnant 3