10 Tips to Get Pregnant Absolutely Essential

Decided to have the first child? Some tips to get pregnant may help you achieve that dream more quickly.

When you decide to get pregnant, the least you want is to wait until you have your baby in your arms. If you are looking for tips to get pregnant faster take note of the below and follow them to the letter.
Not being an exact science, these ten tips to get pregnant increase considerably the chances of achieving it.



If you are trying to become pregnant, the experts recommend that you have sex every two or three days, and not only in the fertile period, as this can vary from month to month.

But, please, don’t make sex only when you are trying to get pregnant! Life is so much better when seasoned with orgasms…


Despite the point above, even so, it is important to know your cycle, recognize the symptoms that your body manifests throughout each month and realize when is the fertile period and ovulation.
Remember that you can only get pregnant when a espermatozoide finds an egg, and this is only released once a month, around the 14th day of the cycle. An egg only lives between one and two days and a espermatozoide, at the most, only five days in the womb, so, the window fertile is quite short.
However, if you follow our first tip and all is as well as your organs breeders, with ovulation and the quality of the sperm, will quickly be able to your baby.


Before you even start trying to get pregnant, the couple should consult with the family doctor, gynecologist or andrologista to do the examinations and analyses necessary to start taking the essential supplements to ensure a healthy baby (p.and. folic acid), as well as receive various indications as to food and physical exercise.


10 Tips to Get Pregnant Absolutely Essential 1


We know that it is easier to say than do, even so, if you are a person looking forward the time to start to control the stress and anxiety is this.

To moderate the volume of work, take time to do nothing and find tools to relax. The regular practice of sport, the acupuncture or a few sessions of Reiki can help.


Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, physical inactivity, poor diet, few hours of sleep, or negative people are all things toxic to your body which, believe me, will make it difficult in time to get pregnant.

Adopt a more healthy lifestyle, eat well, sleep better, drink water and be happy.


See the index of muscle mass and, if your weight is outside the values considered normal, it is time to do something for your health and the health of your baby.

If you lose 10% of their weight, not only will you feel better, as you will have a pregnancy easier, a birth more simple and a healthy baby.


There is no scientific data that proves that certain sexual positions are more appropriate than others when it comes to getting pregnant.

Still, no harm in trying and always brings a little animation to your sexual life. Goodbye, boredom!

10 Tips to Get Pregnant Absolutely Essential 2


The young men are not educated to take care of their bodies for breeding, nor are they alerted to the need for sperm quality, in case you one day want to be parents.

The testicles must be at a tempertura below body temperature, therefore, it is not recommended that they are for a long time in hot environments or who use clothes which is too tight.

Electronic devices can also impair the quality of sperm, as well as any shot in the testicles can be detrimental to their reproductive health. It is important to drink plenty of water, have a healthy diet and consult a andrologista from an early age.


In the times in which we live, men and women are postponing each time more the birth of the first child.

It is natural and understandable that they do so, however, before making this decision, confirm if you can do it. Do not leave for thirty years (or more) to evaluate the reserve ovária of the woman or the sperm quality of the man. See a gynecologist and a andrologista experts in fertility to confirm if you can do it.

10 Tips to Get Pregnant Absolutely Essential 3


Between 15% to 20% of the population is affected with problems related to fertility.

According to data of the Portuguese Association of Fertility, the rate of male infertility is similar to the rate of female infertility. More: on average, 80% of the cases, the two elements of the couple present with infertility, being, typically, a more serious one than the other.

If you followed all the directions of the physician and the tips above, but however, at the end of some months are not able to get pregnant, look for a specialist to assess your fertility. Especially, if you have already passed the barrier of thirty years, don’t wait too long to consult a doctor and determine if they are doing okay or if they need some help.